Photo Eye Bracket #OPEB01

  • $208.33

These sensor mounting brackets are one of the most common and universal brackets for mounting photo eyes, reflectors and a wide variety of other products like barcode scanners, imagers, etc. These brackets are constructed of 7/8" diameter silver painted steel pipe with welded attachments. The horizontal base mount is 6" long with a wide attachment for mounting to the conveyor frame. This base pipe has 3/8" clearance holes on 3" centers. The vertical sensor bracket is 12" long and the welded attachment plate has pre-drilled holes to accept most common photo eyes and reflectors. There is one base bracket, one aluminum 90 degree knuckle and one vertical bracket with each kit. The pipe ends are protected with supplied rubber caps. For retro-reflective photo eye applications, these are usually purchased in quantities of two; one for the sensor and one for the reflector.
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